The Community is a place for players of IndieScape Games come to connect. Here, you can follow links to sign up using our registration form (for more information on Registration see below.) which you can use across all of our games, receive daily rewards upon login in-game, meet other players of our games, enter contests for special prizes both in and out of our games, and get special access not available for the public! The more games of ours you own, the more prizes.

Registration is completely free and only requires 30 seconds of your time. Registration allows us to contact our members in a single email to announce new games, updates, and events without spamming your inbox. Maybe you are stuck in-game or need some troubleshooting, hop over to our forums and connect with other players and receive the help you need. Our developers also lurk the forums, so all feedback good and bad will be read and brought back to the table for developer discussion.

Here are our currently available links for our Community are:

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