Buy Gold

IndieScape Gold; what is it? Our Gold currency is a way to purchase in-game items, perks, weapons, and cosmetics that are free of micro transactions that we feel nickel and dime the players. Our solution allows you to participate in playing our games and being an active community member and then reap the rewards of our Gold which can be used inĀ all of our games.

Here is an example of how it may work:

Item For Sale Type of Item Gold Cost
Decorative Pistol Cosmetic 50 Gold
New Character Model Cosmetic 100 Gold

Spend your Gold balance on the cosmetic items above to unlock them for that game! Now how do you acquire Gold? There are several hooks that we offer our community members as well as the ability to buy in bulk. Our hooks are as follows:

Hook Description Gold Acquired
Registration Just sign up here on our website! 10 Gold
Login Login to our website or play game once a day 1 Gold

We do offer the ability to purchase Gold in bulk using you hard earned money. This is not necessary but if you do we sincerely thank you! All contributions will go into ensuring we are delivering the best games we can, and all existing games are maintained to the highest quality.
NOTE: The smallest amount of Gold in bulk is 10 Gold.


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