IndieScape Games creates addicting mobile and story-driven desktop games that separate themselves from the pack of other independent game companies. The employees operate at 100% remote allowing the employees to work independent of time and life constraints. This allows total creativity for whenever it hits whether in the middle of the day, or late evening hours.

Built on the backbone of building games that the developers want to play, there is over 10 years of video game development experience. Starting with Blitz3d in 2004 and now Unity 3d starting in 2009, IndieScape Games currently uses Unity 3d for all of their projects. IndieScape Games primarily purchases art and media from asset stores and online 3d marketplaces, but are always looking for entrepreneurial, artistic, and mostly smart employees.

As gamers first, the developers game libraries are over 500 games long with more added monthly. No genre is safe as every option is explored to ensure that we are staying up to date with all expectations set forth by industry standards.